Monday, December 28, 2015

New Year Coming

As Christmas is behind us and we are looking forward to the New Year, many home based businesses are looking at a slow period of their business, but it can be a planning time. I am currently looking at the business I had this past year and attempting to figure out how I can make a better year in 2016.

Since we get new catalogs towards the end of January, I am using the month of January to take orders and concentrate on organizing and marketing my products. I am using the month to make files and decorate new hostess packets in order to be ready for the new catalogs. I am sure that once they arrive, business will take off as I have already booked two parties for Feb. and look forward to booking more in the next few weeks.

Making phone calls is not my favorite thing to do in my business, but I believe that it is a good thing to do during the cold, snowy months  that lie ahead. I am sure that we will have snow in the next week or two even though it was almost 60 degrees on Christmas day. Once cabin fever sets in the calls may get easier because who doesn't look forward to a party once those dreary days are over.

If you are in direct sales, as I am, the days in January and February may be discouraging from a sales standpoint, but it is a great time to get back into making contacts and focusing on planning for the warmer months to come.

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