Monday, February 19, 2018

New Catalog, New Scents, New Customer

The next A new catalog is always exciting! New products and new scents! The next exciting thing is that a new catalog always brings new customers and that means that I make new friends as well. You could be the next new customer by going to my website and placing your order. You will receive a thank you gift from me as well as some exciting specials that I can offer to you.

Everyone likes for their home to smell good and can you imagine your home smelling like graham crackers, fresh sweet strawberries, or toasted marshmallow. Would you like your home to smell like a fruit basket or true lavender? Well, I can help you out there as well. If you aren't sure of what you would like, I will gladly take your address and help you by offering you some samples.

I always have a nice stock build up to help with samples and other items that someone might need. I am always looking for ways to help others find their favorite scents. I have several!!! How about maple syrup? What about coconut cream pie? By combining our scents, you can make new scents like that! 

You can place this amazing light in your home , add this crown shade, and add a few Sprinkles and your home fragrance becomes your new décor as well. We offer many choices of shades, both large and small.  With over 50 scents available, you are sure to find something that you will like! 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Small Business Sale Saturday

As I sit here and write this post with a heavy heart, I am fully aware that the holiday season is upon us, but my heart is not in the spirit today. I stood for almost 2 hours last night in the crisp November air and watched as our neighbors home went up in flames. Today is a day to celebrate small businesses and help keep business and money in the local shops all over the United States, but I am thinking of a local family that is truly starting their Christmas season with nothing!

As a Pink Zebra rep, I am fully aware of the sacrifices that working families make to keep food on the table at times. I am also fully aware that there are many less fortunate than my family in this world. That is why I am offering this sale today! For all orders that I get today on my website, I will donate all profits to the family that lost their home last night.

Simply go to my Pink Zebra page and place an order. I will see the order and as soon as I receive my commission check that money will go to a family that literally watched their home go up in flames as it was about an hour after the fire before water was put on it. They live in a rural area and so response time is slower.

Pink Zebra would make a great Christmas gift for anyone on your list so consider the spirit of Christmas and give your loved one a special gift and help a family in desperate need as well. Consider our Sprinkles, Soaks or any number of other items that we have available. I thank you as I know that they will too!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Decorating 101- Fall

August really is not fall decorating season as it is still summer, but I do know many that like to start thinking of fall décor in August and I am here to help you with that. Pink Zebra offers a huge selection of fall shades to go with our Simmering Lights and we are lucky to have a Simmer Pot this year as well that is perfect for those cool fall days and nights. Plus with using either of those items, you are able to decorate as well as scent your home with a nice fall scent and no one will be any wiser that your home doesn't just smell delicious.

Fall décor usually is warm and inviting and that is the exact words I would use to describe this catalog. Some of the fall décor is just fun and exciting but by adding a favorite scent to the mix it will make the home feel warm and inviting. Those that shop Pink Zebra know that our wax is a soy blend that burns more evenly and longer than most other wax available. It is safe to have around children and pets because it is non toxic if they happen to eat it and in our warmer the wax only gets to body temperature so it won't burn them if they happen to spill it on them.

This is one of our new Simmering Lights. As you can see the colors of the shade make it a perfect addition to any fall décor. Now imagine that you add the shade below over top of that and what fun it becomes.  The witches boot shade is one of my favorite!!
Now add Campfire Nights or Rustling Leaves, or Apple Pumpkin Butter Sprinkles and you have a for sure fall décor and smell in your home. 

If the Witches Boot shade is not your style, try this Pumpkin shade over a Simmering Light and add Fairytale Pumpkin Sprinkles to the light and the visitors that walk in will be asking how you make your home smell so amazing plus they will have something pretty to look at. 

Pink Zebra products are stylish and fun as well as a great accent to any home. I will be sharing more products soon!! 
Just sitting a jar or two of the Sprinkles out on a table can add some magnificent fall colors to your home. If you aren't a fan of the Simmering Lights and Shades, you can add our new orange Simmer Pot to your décor and place the Sprinkles in it to heat and enjoy some amazing home fragrance as well. Your decorating, your way and your fragrance, your way. Customizing to fit your taste, that is what makes Pink Zebra so exciting!!

Monday, July 31, 2017

New Catalog

Hello! I know that I have not written here much lately but I am setting new goals for myself and one of those is to keep both of my blogs as active as possible so it begins this week. Plus, I am super excited over the new fall catalog that Pink Zebra has came out with.

Fall catalogs are always an exciting release because they contain the winter collection of shades and I love Christmas! Fall scents are usually full of baking smells and Christmas scents and this catalog has plenty of those and plenty of just truly exciting items. I will be sharing photos later in the week and so please stay posted.

The top photo is of Paisley. She is our mascot and she is raring to share all of the exciting news with you the same as I am. She is strong and unique and that is how I feel about this company. I have been with Pink Zebra a little over a year and it has allowed me to stay home with my grand doll and share some wonderful scents with my family and friends and has allowed me to meet some wonderful new friends!

One of my favorite items in our catalog is a Simmer Pot. This is a small electric dish that comes with a warming plate and a dish that allows you to heat the Sprinkle of your choice and change that Sprinkle as needed. I have several of them in my home and I am thinking that I must purchase one of the new ones. Look at this adorable mountain lodge Simmer Pot.
The truly exciting part of this Simmer Pot is that we are opening our business opportunity to Canadian citizens in October. I thought of Canada as soon as I seen this. I will always treasure the memories of my trip to Canada with my girls.

Some of our new scents are:

Cranberry Chutney
Homemade Gingerbread
Black Cherry
Fairytale Pumpkin
Apple Pumpkin Butter 

I will be sharing a full list of our scents tomorrow as well as some more information on our Sprinkles. Stay tuned!

Until then, have a Sprinkle of fun in your day and remember Paisley! 


Sunday, February 19, 2017

 What a great concept! Jewelry that is both stylish and can be fragranced to suit your style! The jewelry line is just one of our fabulous product lines. Learn more at my Pink Zebra page.
These pieces are just a sampling of what we offer. We offer unisex jewelry as well as pieces made just for women. Take a look at what you could be wearing! At my Pink Zebra page.

If you are ever looking for a fundraiser, we have that opportunity as well.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Part Time Work

I know many Americans are worried about finances and many wonder if there is more enjoyment to work than what they have at their present job. I am here to say YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you are looking for a fun way to earn some money, you should consider Pink Zebra. With this company, you can earn money while having fun. How many people love fragrances? Just about everyone! I find that our products offer something for everyone. That makes it an easy sell. Plus, our company stands for some great principles that I am often talking about more than I am the products.

Pink Zebra has a HEROES program. It is the one that I am most passionate about because it offers free daycare for single moms. There is an application process for the women, but the money is set aside from profit made by the company. Each time a Pink Zebra Consultant has a $500 or more party, a day of daycare cost is put into the fund. We currently have a buildup of daycare costs than can be awarded. I think that this is a wonderful way to offer a hand up to single moms.

Pink Zebra offers an opportunity to earn free trips to beautiful and exciting locations. This years trip is to Panama. Last year it was Costa Rica! The resorts or hotels are always stunning and the trips are always such a fun time. How exciting would it be to take a second honeymoon FREE!!!!!

Plus, you would be having fun while you are working! You can learn more by clicking on the link at Pink Zebra