Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Root Beer

Who doesn't like root beer? It is not my favorite drink but when I find someplace that makes a great one, I am reminded of the days that my grandparents would take us to Dog N Suds, a local drive in restaurant where the waitress would bring a tray of food out to the car and set it on the window while she skated around. The root beer there was delicious and I really don't remember much of anything else about the food, but oh my the root beer!

Also, I remember many of times that my grandmother would make my brother and I a delicious "brown cow" on a hot summer day.  Her version of this summer treat was vanilla ice cream and root beer in a tall cold glass. Similar to a float, but so much better when Grandma made it. I really enjoyed these treats and so did many of the other young people in the neighborhood because we all got one if she made them.

There is a restaurant near us that makes their own root beer in house and it is delicious! My daughter and I love to order it when we go. It reminds me of the days of drive ins and waitress' on skates. My reason for writing about root beer today is to tell you all how our root beer Sprinkles smell. Exactly like a tall, cold glass of root beer! Yes, they smell that good.

Root beer Sprinkles can be purchased in 3.75 ounce jars for $8 plus shipping and tax. They are available at my page. I would recommend that you all try one jar. We have a 100% guarantee on all of our products so if you get them and do not think that they are some of the best smelling Sprinkles, you can send them back. You can't lose! Either you will get your home to smell delicious or you will get your money back. What a deal! Head to my page and order yours today! Let me know that you did and I will send you a nice surprise!


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