Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Soaks- What Will I Do?

Pink Zebra Soaks are a wonderful way to fragrance your home, car, office, or even your lotion. Yes, your lotion. Pink Zebra has introduced a way for you to customize your lotion to smell like your favorite Pink Zebra fragrance!

We now have an unscented lotion base that can be customized with the Soaks allowing you to make your own favorite scent! The unscented lotion sells for $8 for a 3.75 ounce bottle and is waiting for a Soak to add some scent to it. Soaks are like liquid Sprinkles and although some of the scents are not available, most of them are.

Tomorrow, I believe that I am going to make some  sample size bottles of the lotion with a Soak in order to share with customers and I would like to make sure that the customers know exactly what they are getting. Lotion is always a top priority for the long cold weather that places like Alaska and other places have.

It does not take much Soak either to scent a lotion. A few drops will do you well. I am sure that many think that they need to have more smell but I don't believe that they need to be any stronger.

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