Monday, November 21, 2016

Success Found

Hello All Pink Zebra Fans!

I am happy to say that my first large event was very successful and I am thrilled with the results that I had at the craft fair on Saturday. Considering that I did not have much inventory and was worried that my booth might not be creative enough, I am happy to say that I was quite successful!

I was able to book a couple of parties and I sold some products. I made several contacts and I was thrilled to introduce our product to many people that said they had never heard of us. Some people said they knew of the company but was not aware of what the product was. I was able to share my knowledge with them and turned a couple of them into new customers!

I also want to share with you that I will be running a Black Friday special this coming weekend so be sure to keep your eyes open for my blog post concerning that special!!!! You won't want to miss it!!!!


  1. Pink zebra - I have collected zebras for years - have several paintings... anyway - looks like you have a nice business. I went to your other blog but didn't see where to comment. Thanks for your visit to mine. I'll have to look u up on Ebay or Amazon. Love the photo u have posted here. It's so festive looking!

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