Monday, January 30, 2017

Just as I promised, I am back today with more exciting news about the Spring/Summer 2017 Pink Zebra catalog!!

Do you purchase those little trees or other hanging cards to put in your car to scent it? Do you purchase those little clip things that you attach to your vent? Well, STOP! I have something much cuter and much more exciting than those to make your car smell good and look so much better.

How cute is this donut that looks to have a bite taken out of it? ADORABLE!! Plus, at $11, you are getting an item that you can reuse many, many times as you will simply add your fragrance to it. Plus, the items are customizable because you can choose the fragrance, how strong it is, and you can change the fragrance or mix fragrances. It is COMPLETELY up to you!!!!!!

How about the fries? These as well as the donut is made of fabric which you will simply add our Soak to and make your own air freshener. EZPZ to do and the BEST AND MOST FASHIONABLE way to add fragrance to your car.

Here is a photo of the donut hanging in the car and a couple of our clip-it that are used the same way except that they clip on your vent instead of hanging. How could anyone resist that adorable little whale? I can't !!!!!!!

Here is our Soaks. It is a liquid that is safe to use on fabrics. ( I have used this directly on my car seats and my grand daughters' carseat.) It is how you add your fragrance to these hang-its and clip-its. EZPZ as you just add a couple of drops or more if you would like and put them in the car. Reusable as they can be washed and new fragrance added to them. People will love to ride in your car!!!!!

Anyone that contacts me and tells me that they read this and our interested in our products, is going to be entered into a contest today and will win a nice surprise from me. So get busy and get ready to enjoy getting in your car!!


  1. Those are really cute ideas.

    Hugs Diane

  2. I like these - they are cute! I'll bookmark and be back to see more.

    1. Sandy,
      I would love to share more of our products with you. Message me your address and I will send some samples